Bringing Luxury Jewelry To You At Non-Luxury Prices

We founded SLVR Jewelry to bring jewelry to a such price, that anyone could afford and always being able to switch between different fashion & styles. Having spent many years working for jewelry brands, we always knew that jewelry is something that gets outdated by time and to our diligence, it wasn't quite smart to buy an expensive one every-time! We came across dubious manufacturing, and high-end retail markups that were just unbelievable. We need your support to make this brand something each and every jewelry maker looks upto and stop making those huge implications on the customers.

We always set out to make simple yet stunning pieces you'll reach for every day, the building blocks of your accessory wardrobe. Wear them on their own, together, with that vintage piece you found at your favorite thrift shop, or with your great-great-grandmother's heirloom ring—they're not the jealous type. Just like our planet, they're happiest with a bit of sunshine and handled with great care.